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The Heart of the Matter

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about tolerance, forgiveness and expectations.

I don’t know that this has anything to do with dogs or rescue, but it certainly has everything to do with humans.  And I will reiterate my belief that we can't begin to make a difference in the humane world without fixing the human world.
I’ve learned a few things lately:  

There are always two sides to every story and somewhere in between lies the truth

  • I am only human and I will probably disappoint you, but that's never my intention.  
  • Please, when I do, remember to turn it around and consider that you may have disappointed me also before you are quick to judge. 
  • Quitting or giving up because things don’t go your way seems to be an expression of intolerance.  If you quit, it's on you.  
  • I like to think I’m an accepting person and I despise acts of intolerance or biased views.  But if I don’t forgive and open my heart; I’m no better than those I denounce. 
  • We all need to be careful of the pedestals on which we stand and the tiaras that we like to wear; do we really embody the high expectations to which we hold others?  Probably not, so step down and embrace your mistakes and faults and accept the same from others.
  • Be kind to others. 
  • Keep ugly thoughts to yourself and look in the mirror before you choose to share them.  Is there a better way to see things?  Is there a different window from which to see the world or others? 
  • If you ever wonder, I probably forgave you a long time ago. I hope that you forgive me too.   
  • There are always two sides to every story and somewhere in between lies the truth.

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