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Intake Request Application

Information for Shelters and Animal Control:

We consider towns within a three hour radius of Omaha, Taysia Blue Rescue Communities. In order to make the biggest impact on these communities, we will work with shelters and animal control by being the 'go to Husky and Malamute' resource for them. We will work with organizations outside of this area, with the understanding that we will prioritize our “community” shelters first.  

Dogs we save from these shelters must live safely ​in a home with people and other dogs. We value honest and transparent communication from our shelter partners and in turn will be work to establish a strong collaborative relationship with your organization. We receive multiple requests every day. Please provide as much detail below in order to help us help you.


Owner Surrender Information:

Due to the high number of requests we get from area shelters, we are often not able to accept owner surrender dogs into rescue.

We want to help, but we find ourselves running at maximum capacity due to the high number of Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes in shelters who are running out of time. We have chosen to prioritize these dogs who are facing death.

Most shelters are full with unwanted pets, and every eight seconds one is killed.  We can help direct you to resources to help you work through the issues you are having in an effort to keep your beloved pet in its home.


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