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Hello! My name isRexand I would love to meet you!


Let’s talk about my age. I ain’t getting any younger- no sense in avoiding the subject. I am practically blind and refuse to wear my hoity toity ear piece, so I rely on my trusty nose to help me get around! Some people and dogs find this “intrusive” so I’m looking for an understanding family that is willing to let me live the rest of my life my way. Don’t let my tough exterior intimidate you though, I’m pretty easy going. I tolerate being primped and preened for my Sunday Best, I enjoy spending a lot of time in my crate, and I will even indulge you in some belly rubs and snuggling too. I try to avoid stairs if I can but I’m a trooper and will meander up and down them if necessary. I know I’m past my whippersnapper years, but trust me- I’m a tall drink of water you won’t want to pass up! Put that box of yours to good use and tell the interweb you want to meet me!

More About Me:

  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Tri- Color
  • Age: 14 years
  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Energy Level: Low
  • Observations with Humans: Enjoys being around most people
  • Observations with Children: Unknown
  • Observations with other Dogs: He can be intrusive due to his poor eyesight, would need patient canine siblings
  • Location: Iowa

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