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Handsome Single White Male seeking loving long-term relationship.

I’m Paxton, and I love belly rubs, long walks and meal time. I also enjoy laying on your feet, snuggling, and signing you the song of my people. I am not a big fan of fireworks, thunderstorms, or other startling loud noises, and I seek the safety of my crate when I hear these things.

Yup, I like my crate. It is my safe haven as well as my favorite place to go when it’s time to be mellow. I am also housebroken and I know my basic commands. I am a good leash walker – unless I see a bunny. Hold on tight if I see a bunny, My prey drive has a turbo booster.

I am good with children, however I would rather prefer that they don't hang on me or try to ride me.  I am also good with other dogs, but I play a little rough. Mostly because I love to wrestle and I want everyone to wrestle with me.
If you are also seeking a long term relationship (and you have treats in your cabinet) won’t you consider meeting me?



  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 years
  • Weight:
  • Energy Level: Moderate to High
  • General Health: Bright and alert
  • Interaction with humans: Sweet
  • Interaction with other dogs: Good with other dogs his own size and energy
  • Interaction with cats: Not Recommended
  • Training Notes: Needs basic obedience training, would do better with older kids
  • Location:  Omaha, NE