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Sawyer is like a 4 month old puppy in a full grown body!  He loves to jump and play; he is happy-go-lucky and up for whatever is next!  Sawyer needs to have some routine in his life.  A daily walk would do wonders, but he would thrive from an owner who would spend time training and working with him   He does great with other dogs – both male and female.  He is learning to like his kennel, very treat motivated which makes training a bit easier. 


  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Red and white
  • Age: 18 months
  • Weight:
  • Energy Level:  High
  • General Condition:  Happy boy
  • Interaction with humans: Friendly and affectionate
  • Interaction with other dogs: Great
  • Interaction with cats: Unknown
  • Training Notes: Needs routine walks and a training plan to learn some basics. 
  • Location:  Omaha, NE


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