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Clapton is full of puppy energy and loves to play, sing and tell stories.  Oh, the stories he wants to share...!  He enjoys being in the backyard for hours on end so he needs a secure 6' fence to keep him contained.  He also is hoping to find a special someone to take him on daily walks and help establish some boundaries.  He is extremely smart and wants to learn.  We think he would do best in a home without young children.  Clapton would benefit from a basic training class.    


  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Gender:  Male
  • Color:  Silver & white
  • Age: 1-year
  • Energy Level:  High
  • General Condition:  Playful, happy, healthy
  • Interaction with humans:  Playful
  • Interaction with dogs:  Playful, vocal
  • Interaction with cats:  Not recommended
  • Training notes:  He is kennel and house trained, he knows some basics.  He needs an outlet for his energy, two walks a day or jogs would be great.  He needs to work on attention, self control and resource guarding.
  • He would do best with an experienced dog owner and a fenced yard
  • Location:  Omaha, NE 

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