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*** ADOPTED ***

Ranger is an inquisitive boy, interested in everything humans are doing from laundry to dinner to putting together a baby gate. He likes to be at your side and watch what you're up to, but he doesn't mind being left alone either if there's a comfy place for him to rest.

He's always up for a walk and is pretty good on a leash. He's friendly toward new people and jumps a bit when excited, but overall has pretty good manners, including his interactions with other dogs although he prefers to live as an only dog.

He will sit and wait for his food, he knows his name and "sit."  He loves car rides and cuddles in bed. He is an absolute gentleman who would love to find a permanent place and some people to call his own!



Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Male

Color: Black & white

Age: 10 years


Body Type: in good condition




General Condition: Happy, cuddly and healthy

Coat Condition: Good

General Health: Good



Interaction with humans: Excellent

Interaction with other dogs: Great with dogs his own size

Interaction with cats: not recommended

Obedience: Knows 'sit' and will wait for his food in a 'sit' position.

Other: Loves car rides