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*****   ADOPTED 1/6/2012   *****

Sam just arrived in to rescue and we're still getting to know him.  We do know that he loves to play and is appropriate with other dogs.  We also believe he is fine with cats.

He has not had an accident in his crate and appears to know that he needs to go outside to potty.  He is getting acclimated to his crate and new surroundings.

He is so lovable and just as cute as he can be!  This is what Sam's foster mom has to say about him:

Sam is sweet little puppy that has so much love to give.  He is cute as can be with his expressive little face and adorable eyebrows.  For a 6 month old dog he has a surprisingly calm and mellow demeanor but loves playing, especially with a tennis ball.

Sammy loves to be around humans and will follow you around to whatever room you are in.  He doesn't try to be the center of attention, he just likes to hang out and be by your side, but welcomes any and all affection.

Sam gets along exceptionally well with cats, and also enjoys the company of other dogs.  He was great with a 10 year old child, and I am sure that he would be calm and loving around children of any age.

At night Sam would probably prefer to cuddle with you in bed, but he sleeps on a blanket next to it and stays there in one place all night.  Sam is really good at sitting and doesn't make much noise.  He likes to go on walks and is very manageable on a leash and at ease when encountering other dogs.

When he is taken outside to go to the bathroom he knows exactly what to do and finishes his business quickly with no accidents in the house.  Sam is working on crate training, and is very good about going in when asked and is getting acclimated to being crated.

Sam is just a sweet affectionate little boy and I am sure he would adapt well in any home where he can have human contact.


Breed: Terrier / Husky mix

Gender: Male

Color: Black / Tan / White

Age: 6 months

Weight: 32 pounds

Body Type: In great shape


Micro-chipped: Yes


General Condition: Great little puppy, we're not sure what all he's mixed with, but he's adorable!

Coat Condition: Good

General Health: Excellent




Interaction with humans: Excellent

Interaction with other dogs: Good

Interaction with cats: So far so good

Obedience: Learning some basics