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*** ADOPTED June 12, 2011***

Stray from SE Missouri

Lucy was found as a stray near Springfield, MO. She gets along great with other dogs and appears to be house trained.She needs a little work on crate training and basic manners, but she is a wonderful loving dog full of kisses and affection.She loves people and she has shown little to no interest in chasing cats.


Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender:  Female

Color: Red and white

Age: 18 months

Weight: 45 pounds

Body Type: Needs some exercise and could lose a couple pounds

She will be spayed prior to adoption

Micro-chipped: Not yet


General Condition: Happy and alert

Coat Condition: very soft and thick

General Health: Overall she is in great shape, just a tad bit overweight.  Controlled feedings and regular exercise will drop those pounds quickly.

Other:  She has juvenile cataracts that are the type that should disolve over time with drops (early veterinary indication). The vet also thought that she has a deep bruise on her hip, could have possibly been hit by a car.  Taysia Blue will have x-rays done to confirm.



Interaction with humans: Great, loves everyone

Interaction with other dogs: no issues with males or females

Interaction with cats: apparently not interested in chasing

Obedience: she is learning some basics like sit, down and off (she like to jump up inappropriately).  She is learning to like her crate.