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How did the dog come to TBSHR?: Stray

Location: Missouri

Rocky is still full of puppy energy, but lives to please and be near humans. He has been great with other dogs, male & female. We believe him to have a submissive personality.

He was found in a field, covered with cocleburs. A woman who volunteers for a boxer rescue took him in and brought him to a vet to be micro-chipped. She learned that he would be put to sleep in 7 days if no one claimed him so she brought him to her house for the weekend and found Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue.

To honor the boxer breed rescue and his samaritan, we named him Rocky. He is learning his new name and it seems to fit!

He doesn't like to be left alone and will cry in his crate, but does much better if there are other dogs near him. He will eventually settle down. He likes to chew and will find things to destroy if he gets bored so he will need a lot of exercise and some work to learn what's appropriate.

He doesn't appear to have any food or toy guarding issues. He does eat rather slowly so if his new family has other dogs, he may need to be fed separately so the other dog doesn't steal his food.


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Please do your research about the breeds at Husky 101




Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Male

Color:black & white

Age: 1 - 2 years

Weight: 43 pounds

Body Type: In great shape


Micro-chipped: Yes


General Condition: bright and alert

Coat Condition: good

General Health: no health concerns



Interaction with humans: Loves people, likes to cuddle

Interaction with other dogs: he loves to play, but not rough, he enjoys both male and female dog interaction.

Interaction with cats: he ignored cats at his first foster home.

Obedience: He responds well to verbal commands, comes when called, knows 'sit'