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******ADOPTED 12/23/2010  ******

Let the good times roll!  73946_505309506615_307400265_152749_2723016_n

Georgia was very well cared for by her previous owners, but she lacked the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and people and get the exercise she craves.  She never really learned how to be a dog!  Poor sweet girl… she has blossomed in foster care and she is aching for a loving forever home.

She still takes her time getting to know people, but she warms up quickly and then with unwavering devotion she craves to be near them.    She loves to be right in the middle of whatever you’re doing.  She tries really hard to be a lap dog and if you’re not paying enough attention to her, she’ll snuggle her head under your arm and make you pet her!   She is so full of love and just needs to find that perfect somebody to love her back as much as she gives it.

She can scale a chain link fence with the agility of a rock climber so a 6’ privacy fence is a must.  She learns super fast, knows ‘sit’, ‘leave it’, and ‘come’.... well, she’ll come about as well as a husky ever does.  She’s a little nervous around new dogs at first, but just like people, will warm up in a few minutes.

She’s never been around cats, but she seems to have a pretty high prey drive so we think it’s best that she live in a cat free home.  She’d be great with older kids and will probably do best with active adults who will make sure she has plenty of play time and a walk every day.

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Siberian Husky

Black and white

Blue eyes

3 years old





Excellent body condition

Coat is good

Nails trimmed



High energy

Does okay with other dogs, but is wary at first

Does not challenge dogs

Does not engage in play

Pulls on leash

Needs basic obedience training