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Hello! My name isPhoebeand I would love to meet you!


My perfect home would either have another dog for me to bond with (preferably my size or smaller), or a human that is home pretty often to keep me company. Having a companion really helps my confidence. I am a little shy when I meet people for the first time and will sometimes grumble in attempt to communicate my feelings. I am a mellow pup and behave well in the house and on my leash. I would make a great running partner- I love the outdoors where I can explore with my friends! I love children and enjoy spending most of my time with them. If you’d like to meet me, please put an application in!

More About Me:

  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Black & White
  • Age: 3 years
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Energy Level: Low to Medium
  • Interactions with Humans: Gets along well with foster family including children
  • Interactions with other Dogs: Gets along well with foster’s resident dogs (small and large sizes), and previously lived with a yorkie
  • Location: Omaha, NE

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