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2021 Taysia Blue Rescue Calendar BOGO!! ORDER YOURS TODAY!   Buy one get one free!.. Product #: TBRCalendar Regular price: $24.00 $24.00

2021 Taysia Blue Rescue Calendar

Price: $25.68
Ex Tax: $24.00

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Buy One Get One FREE !!


A Taysia Blue Rescue Tradition!

We're almost done putting the 2021 Calendar together. 

Don't miss out on getting your calendar this year! 

 All proceeds go directly to Taysia Blue Rescue.

Want to be in the 2022 TBR Calendar? 

As you may know we auction of the cover and monthly pages for you to showcase your own pup. We typically do this in person at FURBALL each fall.  Don't fret!  Taysia Blue Rescue will be doing the same this year for the 2022 calendar, just not in person!  STAY TUNED for more information!

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